10 Big Players That Use 3D Product Animation to Sell Millions of Products

1.) Apple

Apple is arguably the pioneer of utilizing 3D visualization of their products in majority of their marketing materials. Most notably the iPhone launch videos, which rack up tens of millions of views, are almost entirely 3D rendered. My favorite is the iPhone X launch trailer, which teases the product in extreme close-ups and makes beautiful use of lighting to highlight the stunning design. Apple is also a big fan of the x-ray view, where we get a peak inside the device to see how it’s packed with the latest technology.

My personal project of 3D animation executed in the Apple style of rendering:

2.) Microsoft

For the launch of the Xbox One S, Microsoft created an entirely 3D rendered launch video which elegantly showcases the product’s beautiful design details while visually communicating how it’s been improved from its predecessor. I love the clean look here, which makes the device look luxurious and of premium quality. The simplicity adds to the visual impact.

An animation I created for LA-based speaker company Ashloud, rendered in a similar style:

3.) Logitech

Logitech has long been using 3D animation to launch their newest products, notably mice, keyboards and headsets. This video is a great example of the power of 3D, as an exploded view animation is used to show all the technology packed into each keyboard key. Not only is it impressive to watch, but it’s educational and looks extremely high-tech.

4.) Razer

Very similar to Logitech, but heavier on the use of exciting visual effects, Razer’s launch trailers are stunners. I love that they even have a playlist on youtube called “Flashy Product Trailers!“. Indeed they are.

Not quite as colorful, but still packed with visual flare, below is my product trailer for Dr.Dabber’s SWITCH.

5.) Huawei

Stunning use of CGI in this product launch trailer for Huawei Mate 10. This video offers the entire laundry list of what’s possible with 3D. Exploded views. X-ray views. Water simulations and exciting particle effects.

Speaking of water simulations, below is a fun personal project I made of a waterproof smart watch.

6.) HTC

Right up there with everyone else is HTC whose product videos rely heavily on 3D animation. There’s not a single live-action shot of the phone in the below video.

7.) Sony

Televisions, Playstation, Cameras – Sony launches hundreds of products a year and their youtube channel is bursting with beautiful launch videos. I picked the one below for the Sony A7 III for its photorealism and simplicity.

Product animation I created for Auricsound, rendered in a similar style.

8.) LG

Beautiful and elegant promo video for LG’s line of smart watches.

9.) Samsung

Apple’s rival and one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics companies, Samsung’s promotional materials are packed with cutting edge 3D visuals.

10.) Dodge

It’s not all about smartphones and speakers. 3D animation is heavily used in many other industries, including industrial and automotive. This short teaser created by Dodge is a great example.

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