iKrusher Vape Inhaler Product Rendering

vape inhaler smoke product rendering 01

We’ve created several CGI renderings for Los Angeles based vaping company iKrusher, combining smoke simulations with beauty shots to get across the product’s functionality & sleek design. This version has no overlay text.

Ballistic iPhone Case 3D Product Video

phone case cgi commercial 01

Product 3D commercial project I built for Ballistic Cases and their Spark transparent protection case for the iPhoneXS. Interested in how it was made? Watch the case study below.    

William Painter 3D Animation Kickstarter Campaign

[envira-gallery slug="sock-kickstarter-product-3d-video-animation"]

Excited to share my work for William Painter and their new Titan Sock. I was responsible for all CGI 3D animation shots in their Kickstarter launch crowdfunding campaign video. The product got funded by 200% within a few hours. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/william-painter/the-titan-sock  

Brasseler 3D Product Rendering Video

Dental handpiece 3D animation product rendering

3D animation & beauty renders I created for Brasseler USA for the launch of their new dental handpiece Forza F5. This is my second collaboration with Brasseler and our third project is currently under way. Brasseler uses these videos on … Read more