In 2016:

I spent 3 months working at The Resistance VFX as an FX artist creating a variety of particle and fluid FX for a military project involving explosions, canon blasts,  fire, smoke and so on.

Was commissioned by Shutterstock to create over 80 smoke/fire/explosion elements for their upcoming pack

Chariotdrive LA post house hired me to work on a variety of VFX  shots for YouTube Red’s ‘Escape The Night’ – mainly smoke sims, electricity, and explosions. I also made a custom smoke element for Chariotdrive’s Half Life fan film.

Made a few custom FumeFX ‘magic smoke’ elements for feature ‘Zoe and the Prince’imdb

Did some 3D tracking, keying and comp for a NY based CloudFactor‘s VR demo

Worked extensively with Pomade NY on a variety of 3D product visualization projects for Nannini Italian sunglasses

Worked on 12 short VFX driven videos for LA-based Neon Roots (link coming soon)

Created a variety of 3D renders of makeup products for cosmetics company Z-Palette 

Edited and built graphics for several local commercials under Noble Productions located on the central coast of California


Was hired by Snapchat‘s creative director to create motion graphics for their launch videos for Snapchat Stories

Edited and created all graphics for the final auction trailer by Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds

Built an all-CG opener for HMPE production company

Edited video content, built motion graphics, and designed marketing campaigns for CatCosmetics

During senior year of high school my car commercial won 1st place and a car for charity

Escape The Night: Responsible for final explosion enhancement in this trailer (done with Fume) – as well as about two dozen VFX shots for the first 2 episodes.

COSM: 3D animation I created for Pomade design agency based in New York. Watch on their website.