Who am I: Freelance CG Generalist Contact: jessepitelavfx@gmail.com  Software: 3Ds Max, Vray, AE, PS, FumeFX, Realflow, Boujou Current focus: Portfolio expansion Recent passion project: Liquify Fave projects: Explosions, 3D product work Passion by day: VFX Passion by night: Filmmaking Goal: 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 in Header Orange Dream: Apprentice under Michael Bay


LIQUIFY is a 32-minute action film which follows the story of Cyra, a college student who uncovers a conspiracy behind the California drought and ends up at a bar in the middle of rural central coast, where she runs into Buck, a military veteran, who decides to take on one last mission and help Cyra escape from mercenaries hired by the water company determined to protect its profits, but everything changes when Cyra becomes exposed to the chemical that caused the drought, gaining the ability to control water. — The film, which I wrote and directed, is now completed and beginning its festival run.