New 2018 Reel. Showcased clients include: Ashloud, Dr.Dabber, Inhale Health, Zing, Shift, Backbone, Audac, Yatra, Auricsound, Beachbox, SnapNRack, Satechi, PodPocket, PoolMate, TripleBristle, HighKey .

Specializing in showcasing products in a stunning way, effectively explaining how they work, and helping brands truly stand out utilizing high-end cinematic 3D product visualization combined with feature-film style visual effects to create unique & engaging visuals. I work with brands predominantly in the consumer electronics market but am constantly surprised by the amazing variety of products from various industries that I get approached with, including cosmetics and solar panels, for example.

Jesse Pitela is a Los Angeles-based award-winning 3D artist and filmmaker whose work has been showcased by every major computer-graphics website in the world, including CGSociety, as well as recently featured by Autodesk. He’s worked on 3D animation projects for a wide variety of global brands and has also created visuals that were displayed at CES 2018 (Wafr, Hypercell) as well as as part of successful Kickstarter campaigns (RevolCam by Shift), and social media content – such as a quick animation recently created for Christiano Ronaldo’s brand ROC.

For examples of past projects and a list of recent clients, please keep scrolling down. I also regularly update my social media with newest work.


Product trailer for The RevolCam - 2018 CES Innovation Award Winner and overfunded on Kickstarter by 2400%. Responsible for direction, editing, and all CGI

Created for Brasseler USA and featured on all of their social media channels, as well as the product pages on the official website

Liquid simulation reel. Personal work. Strawberry shot featured by Autodesk, Water Morphing shot featured by Chaos Group (creators of rendering software Vray). Water Muzzle Flash featured by NextLimit (creators of Realflow)

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